Oracle Decks

Wild Husky Publications is working on a small variety of fortune-telling and oracle decks, which are featured in short detail on this page, in order of publication.

Spindle Cards are a 60-card deck that feature five elements of Air, Earth, Fire, Spirit and Water.

Each deck comes with a 32-page booklet that can be used as a guideline for what each of the cards could mean if they turn up in a reading or a meditation.

These cards can be used individually as a focus-point for your day, or in a larger spread to help a person look at what is going on in his or her life.

Air, Earth, Fire, Spirit and Water

All of the cards are connected with one of five basic elements (shown above) and represented by a small amount of colour to remind the reader where it belongs.

Air cards tend to represent the lighter side of the elements, relying on speed and wisdom to see themselves through.

Earth cards focus more on strength and stability, as well as the home and family.

Fire cards are a little more abrupt and to the point, pushing for a person to reach their potential.

Spirit cards are connected to the soul or spirits of the world and what is beyond. While often overlooked as an element, it should not be forgotten, for this is where some of the most important parts of life come from. The cards usually represent strong feelings and a connection to the Otherworld that should be explored.

Water cards are cards of emotion and creativity. They help to look inside of ourselves as well as our interactions with others.

Check back in the future for more decks! Updates will be mentioned on the home page.