June 4, 2014

A tale of two huskies

I have been getting questions about the Wild Husky Publications logo, and where it came from. Here's a quick Q&A about it.

What is it?
The logo is an interlocking design of two huskies, hugging each other at the neck. When I started Wild Husky Publications, it was named after one of my huskies. I have shared my home with two Siberian Huskies for several years, and felt it was appropriate.

What does it mean?
The logo is based off the traditional Yin-Yang symbol, representing the dualities of the world. I believe that everything in life requires balance -- a lesson I learned at the first International Druid Camp in the Netherlands and tried to take to heart (though it can be difficult at times.)

Why does the white husky not have an eye?
Only one was given an ear and an eye, which to me represented the physical side of the world, where we need our basic senses. The white husky represents a more spiritual side, and thus does not require these features, since senses are more intuitive. 

Who designed it?
I created the logo after struggling with other designs. I stumbled upon a Yin-Yang symbol of a horse and it acted as a type of "Eureka!" moment.

Can I get it tattooed on myself?
Sure! So long as you send a photo with permission to post it on the Wild Husky website/Facebook/Twitter. I'd love to see it! You can email your photos here. I'm currently looking into the process of trademarking the logo, but am happy to allow tattooed copies of it.

Do you have a question about the logo that wasn't answered here? Shoot Megan an email, message her on the Wild Husky Facebook page, or send her a tweet on Twitter.