April 11, 2014


I've developed a small newsletter that I will be emailing out to any interested people, called PawPrint.

Paw... Print... get it? I'm so witty!

This little publication will give an outline of current news/completed projects, as well as updates on upcoming projects.

I will have paper copies that I will be handing out in Calgary at the Comic & Entertainment Expo, as well as collecting emails from those who are interested in receiving the updates -- right in your very own inbox! If you'd like to subscribe, please email me with the subject "PAWPRINT SUBSCRIBE" and I will add you to the list.

For those heading to Calgary, I will see you in a couple weeks! I will be in booth S07 in Artist Alley, and selling Spindle Cards (Standard and Limited Edition boxes), maps, posters, pins, stickers and my blank note cards. I will also be offering readings using my Spindle Cards! Here's a map so you can keep an eye out for me!

That's me, right next to the post.

Hope to see you there!