April 30, 2014

Great success at the Calgary Expo

Wild Husky had a great turnout at the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo this year. Spindle Cards made their Calgary début, and overall had a pretty good reception. The free-reading coupons didn't quite get out there as much as hoped, but still had a small impact, bringing in about a dozen exhibitors to have their fortunes read. Hopefully I will see even more next year!

Did you get one of these as an exhibitor? Could you read 
my writing when I wrote S07 on it? Did it look like 507? 

As an added bonus, I had Samantha and Brad there as my volunteer helpers. It definitely makes things easier when you have a little help!

Sami and I hanging out behind the booth. Look at all 
the awesome stuff we had! Brad took the photo.

Overall, it was a great weekend, and inspiring to push me toward getting my next project off the ground. It's currently titled "Hunt for the Holly Crown" but I'm not sure I'm entirely sold on it. It's a card game for 2-4 players, with room for some expansion.

Love the art of Spindle Cards? There's more designs for new decks and games on the way. Just stay tuned, my Wild Husky fans!