March 1, 2014

Stickers everywhere!

When I was young, I had a small obsession with collecting stickers. It seems that love never faded, as I realized I could design and print a few of my own.
As some may know, I had six pins and a plate removed from my leg recently (I broke it last year), which has left me with some time off work, and not much access to outside activities.

Thus, I've been drawing.

It started with my submission to the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo annual Artbook, with a theme of "Fantastic Adventures." I really wanted a chance to draw some characters from my Spindle Cards out and about, and settled on a mermaid-themed piece featuring Siren, Imagine and Water. If it is selected (I find out March 3, I hope) I will be sure to post it and let you know.

After that, I found I wanted to draw some cute things -- a small step outside of my normal routine. I felt that if I did well with Spindle Cards at the Calgary Expo this year, I might look at getting some die-cut stickers or lapel pins created. I have gone the pin-route before, and while expensive, I found it to be quite restrictively creative, if that makes any sense at all?

Essentially, designs have to be simple enough to be reproduced by machines, and some require as few as only four solid colours on the design. With this in mind, I set out drawing some of my Spindle Cards as I would like to see them in pin form, using only four colours per design.

First up was actually Siren, after having coloured her for the Artbook submission. Bloom was next, and soon I found myself addicted to the concept. I ended up with just short of a dozen designs, which I scanned and cleaned up, coloured and have sitting on my computer for future use.

But I felt it was a small waste not to do anything with them right now. I therefore chose three of the designs that seemed to suit a round sticker the best, and threw on a solid-colour background for fun. These designs are the ones in this post: Bloom, Diminish (who barely looks like a cartoon compared to the original...) and Rain. I went ahead and ordered these, on top of some stickers featuring the Wild Husky logo, which will be handed out as a free "Thank you for your purchase" gift at the Expo. Now hopefully I will be able to give them away. I'm quite excited to see how they turn out in person, once they arrive. Chances are good I will still be hobbling around the house and resting my foot.

Now to figure out which card to draw next... hmm....
Have a suggestion? Feel free to contact me or message me on Facebook. I enjoy suggestions!