November 29, 2013

Let the scanning begin!

Scanning artwork took a couple of hours tonight. Since I draw and ink everything by hand, I usually scan it to colour it (if I do.) But I had about 20 pages of Spindle Card drawings to go through, since I've been letting them pile up!

With most of the designs scanned, I ordered a few magnets that I will have with me in Calgary. What do you think? Which one is your favourite?




November 25, 2013

Free readings in Calgary!

Are you going to be at the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo in April 2014?
Are you an exhibitor?
Would you like a free card reading?

Then stop on by! I'm not sure my booth number yet, but I will be in Artist Alley. I will be offering sample card readings with my Spindle Cards to everyone for a small price, but have a special coupon that I will (hopefully) be able to hand out to exhibitors prior to the show starting. Just come on by when you have a chance to get a free 3-card reading (from either myself or my assistant Samantha if I happen to be on a break.)

My coupons came in the mail today, so I'm pretty excited about it! Now to get the cards finished and packaged so they're ready to go...
But hey, I haven't been called the "Last-Minute-Queen" for nothing. :)

The brown card is the one I will be handing out. 
The other is just my business card. How cool is that?

Introducing Spindle Cards

I'm here to announce Wild Husky's latest project: Spindle Cards.
Similar to tarot or oracle cards, they are intended for use in meditation and readings. Once completed, they will be a 60-card deck with a small 32-page book that contains each of the cards' meanings. Each card fits in to one of five elements: Air, Earth, Fire, Spirit or Water, which helps to identify a general power source for the meaning.

Unfortunately, I don't have many scanned at the moment, so you get to have previews from my camera phone.

 Elements: Air, Earth, Fire, Spirit, Water



More info will be posted as progress is completed, so stay tuned! There are currently about 11 cards left to be drawn.